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Game Name: VanillaBeast: Mystery Kink

Developer: Vanilla Gaming Company, Ktulhu Solutions

Release Date: Q4 2024

Platforms: Steam

Price: $14.99

ESRB: Mature

Press Contact: info AT

Wishlist / Purchase on Steam:  STEAM LINK


Zoinks! There's foul play in Venereousville and only Vanilla and the gang can get to the bottom of this kooky mystery! Control Vanilla, Blake Blossom, Jewel De'Nyle, Kiki D'Aire, and Nickey Huntsman as they traverse over 10 hand-drawn levels in this funny and spooky comedy-horror adventure anyone (mature enough) can play!

If you're a classic gamer and grew up on Leisure Suit Larry or the Sega Genesis Beavis & Butt-Head game then you're in for a treat. We've taken the classic "hidden object" gameplay and modernized it into Mystery Kink, which features full controller support. Find useful items, hidden secrets, craft new items, and find tons of easter eggs in this laid back and hilarious adventure game. Each clue you find will get you closer and closer to solving the mystery of the Legendary Phallus Stones. This game is NUTS!


  • Full VOICE OVER work from Blake Blossom, Jewel De'Nyle, Kiki D'Aire, and Nickey Huntsman. Each of these amazing women are PLAYABLE CHARACTERS at your full disposal.

  • Classic "hidden object" gameplay with FULL CONTROLLER support!

  • Find hidden items (some in plain sight) and use them to progress through the story. Some items may need to be combined into new items on the crafting table. We know having to back track to a crafting table located far away can be a drag, so we've added the crafting table right in the back of your sweet ride, the "Van"illa that you drive to each location. Your crafting table is always just a few steps away!

  • Over 10 beautifully hand-drawn original parody levels to search for clues at your own pace. Finding items and speaking to new characters will open new avenues as you advance.

  • Mini-games galore!!! And we don't mean those tedious button mashers, we're talking the good stuff here. Archery at the Renaissance Festival, sexy dancing to distract a guard, and --REDACTED-- shooter (sorry, we can't even say it here), etc... Tons of variety and fun for all!

  • Beautiful gameplay illustrated by Oleg Okunev (Perky Little Things, Retro KO!, Metropolis: Lux Obscura, Pestilence, etc...).

  • Classic soundtrack featuring songs to bring a special and unique feeling to each level to help immerse you deep, deep into gameplay.

  • No "skill issue" here. Mystery Kink is a classic easter egg riddled puzzling solving game anyone (mature enough) can play and enjoy without needing to be a hard-core gamer. Whether you're casual or a veteran gamer, we've designed Mystery Kink to make you laugh and have a great time finding clues and solving mysteries.


Download all the screenshots as a .zip (the .zip contains more content than is shown on the page)



Download all the key art as a .zip (the .zip contains much more content than is shown on the page)

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